Jan blog


Welcome to the first of a brand-new series of blogs that will be posted on the Enderlost Studios Website. The purpose of these blogs is to get an inside look at how things are going as a company + have some content for Twitter.

So, the updates that have occurred to the website are as follows: We have changed our theming for backgrounds and colour palette to make it a bit more appealing. There are new tabs for obviously Blog, Media and Contacts, just to help with the website navigation and flow. And then finally there are some backend changes, to clean out files and keep things simplified. But yeah, the whole idea is to keep it simple and easy to expand in the future or if need be move content over to another website.

So, the main topic of discussion, how is An Aspie Life Beginnings. well, overall the project is moving forward at a steady pace. There have been some reworks on enemy AI, this is to make it easier to expand and adapt in future. To be honest the major issue that has come up with this project is its size, its scope. the project has taken already three to four years. The ever-growing understanding of better Coding practises, Art, practises and Design practises means elements in the game never feel like they’re a complete package and therefore need to be remade. This of course adds major delays and adds more time to the project dramatically. it's also kind of sad because I really want to move on to new projects at a studio and as an individual. But at the same time, I have a dedication to this project, to get it finished and out the door. As long as I keep chipping away at it, it's going to get there in time. But it's always a daunting thing looking at Twitter and seeing the progress of other games, and then wondering why this one is still down in the mutts. Regardless this is something I’ve struggled with greatly throughout this whole project development cycle. It's something I'm never going to repeat again, hopefully in future projects.

So that's where the game is at, from this stage forward the focus is going to be on just marketing and getting the final mechanic re-published so I can get on with implementing a narrative. By the mid of this year, I would really love to get the game out on steam early access. but just don't hold me to that because things do happen.

Regardless the main focus is going to be on working on smaller projects once this game is out.

Anyway, that's the update for January and thanks for reading if you have read this post. If ya want to do any social engagement. Be sure cheque out our Twitter and Facebook profiles.