One day your roommate leaves for no reason. You’re left to face the outside world alone, but this can be both difficult and amazing when you have autism. Just because you have it, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy life. Some things can be harder to do, but you can do some incredible things as well. It just makes even the mundane parts of life, can be an experience.

"An Aspie Life" is an experimental adventure game that deals with the topic of Asperger's Syndrome. The game is centered around having to live with autism. The player's actions in the game will have to adapt to how an autistic person sees the world.

"Video games can be entertaining and educational. When these two qualities are combined, the player not only enjoys being informed, they are also more likely to remember the key themes of the game. ‘An Aspie Life’ is a video game that explores autism through the life experiences of the central character and playing a video game can be more enjoyable and informative than reading literature and watching documentaries"

- Tony Attwood